UMC Utrecht

In order to put UMC Utrecht and WKZ on the map as employers, the organisation started using its own employees as a means of communication a few years ago.


"Apostle for me is creating your own custom recruitment method by making the everyday special. After all, employees can tell you like no other what fantastic, special and sometimes emotional moments they experience during their work."

- Tonny Keijers, senior recruiter UMC Utrecht

About UMC Utrecht

University medical centre Utrecht is one of the biggest healthcare institutions in the Netherlands. The Wilhelmina children’s hospital is part UMC Utrecht. With more than 12.000 current employees is UMC Utrecht one of the biggest employer organizations regionally.


By introducing the Social Shift structure in the organization, we worked on positioning UMC Utrecht as an employer and also on strengthening their employer branding. The demand for extra care employees is enormous and this is precisely why the social media channels of employees play an important role.

“After all, employees can tell like no other what fantastic, special and sometimes emotional moments they experience during their work” According to Tonny.


Together with Apostle, UMC Utrecht, created an innovative platform to attract new healthcare workers. In the pilot phase, a small start was made with 2 different divisions. After this successful pilot it was expanded to 7 divisions within the hospital. First, healthcare workers were added to the Apostle platform to share vacancies, but also authentic stories in their networks. This authentic visual material was then used in social media campaigns to achieve a better result. “We promote our vacancies by means of re-marketing, so that we also reach the latent job seekers. And thanks to the stories they have already read through our ambassadors, they are already enthusiastic before they have even taken one step in here. That's great, isn't it ?!”, Tonny enthusiastically expressed.


  • 2,6x more registrations on vacancies

  • Continuous flow of authentic content

  • Time saving

  • Collaborate effectively on branding

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