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“Many entrepreneurs think that social media takes a lot of work: which visuals should I use; are my messages good enough? We want to take away those doubts for our customers.”

Lizette Overman, Social Media Content Creator at Arthur & Brent

About Arthur & Brent 

The professionals from Arthur & Brent help build strong brands and provide creative strategies to organizations. Arthur & Brent are part of the whole branding process: from start to finish. 


For several months there has been a great partnership between Arthur & Brent and Apostle. “Social media is not our core business, but at some point, we did receive questions from our customers about online visibility amongst other things,” said Lizette Overman, Social Media Content Creator at Arthur & Brent. With Apostle, they can now manage multiple (new) customers in one system.


Thanks to our partnership, social media can now be included as an extra product in customers' packages.

“Apostle’s platform is really something we take into account in conversations with new customers when discussing their online strategy. It is a very nice USP.”

There certainly is room for growth with the Apostle platform within Arthur & Brent. They currently mainly schedule social media posts on their clients' corporate channels. In addition, they are also increasingly trying to encourage their customers to utilize the personal channels of their employees. At Arthur & Brent, they believe in utilizing employees as the organizations’ brand ambassadors and aim to implement this for all their customers. “That's truly the next step. Employees of customers also reach connections from their own network. We start small with just five employees and let the customer experience the added value. Only using company pages is simply not enough anymore nowadays.”


For Arthur & Brent, an extra proposition and revenue model has been developed that the company, as a partner of Apostle, can present to customers. Customers are unburdened in the field of social media and receive extra online visibility in return. Lizette also likes the working method: “At the moment it is super convenient for me. I can schedule all social media posts for different clients in one dashboard. The customer then approves all posts themselves. This process saves me a lot of time.” Lizette currently manages four clients in the Apostle platform.

“With one dashboard it is also easy to scale up in terms of customers." 

You simply sit down to schedule all social media posts for your customers at once. Whether there are two or twenty, it is possible to do it all at once.


  • Unburdening customers with social media

  • Extra propositions and revenue models

  • A lot more visibility for customers online

  • Time-saving: one dashboard for all customers

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