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Wat is Franchise Advocacy?
With franchise advocacy, you keep a grip all messages on social media about your organization. So with franchise advocacy, you can expand your network and reach through regional business pages by turning your of franchisees into brand ambassadors and social influencers.
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About the Apostle platform
With the Apostle platform we facilitate the content strategy of organizations, what makes it easy to become successful with employee advocacy in a fast and affordable way. The user friendliness and the technical support department are praised by our customers. Our brand activation managers help you with an activation program that has been proven in various markets and countries.
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Customer journey
Keep your customers informed about your brand.
Keep oversight on all brand expressions on social media.
Strengthen the relationship with your franchisees and improve value.

The succes of our clients with franchise advocacyfranchise advocacy

"With the Apostle platform, we make it much easier for entrepreneurs. It allows us to schedule posts at our headquarters and all they have to do is approve them. Do they want to make an adjustment or reject a post? That’s possible. This way final editing is in their own hands. In addition, content is now offered on a structural basis: twice a week instead of once in a while."

Lotte Gerritsen, Contentmanager bij De Hypotheker

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