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At Apostle we have created a unique brand ambassador platform. Thanks to our software, you can reach your desired target group easily throughout social media. Experience the true power of personal social media channels. Activate a group of employees with your own social media app. With just one click, a suggested message is distributed in the network of your colleagues. Our brand ambassador platform is a software to share content through various social media accounts.

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Thanks to our brand ambassador platform, your ambassadors remain in full control and decide which suggestions to post on their social media accounts. Our approval flows allow users to either edit, share or delete every new suggestion.

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Skyrocketyour online engagement by including authentic content straight from the work floorin your social media strategy. Choose your own social creators in your team whohelp the marketers generate content throughout our brand ambassador platform.
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With our brand ambassador software, you instantly connect your business pages and schedule posts for Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Save hours of time and manage all your social activities within one simple dashboard in our brand ambassador platform.

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Take yoursocial media marketing to the next level with the brand ambassador softwarefrom Apostle. Discover our powerful features and harness the true power of your employees’ voices on social media. You could use ourbrand ambassador software also for recruiting new employee. Request our demo and discover thepossibilities.
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